Personal Services

Sometimes, putting yourself first, is the best thing you can do for your family.

If you are six foot tall, and bullet proof, then our services are not for you. We have met plenty of people who obviously believed they were Superman in the past.

Alternatively if you have family members who rely on you to maintain their lifestyle then keep on reading.

Most people think their most important asset is their house, their car and/or their house contents. We disagree. We believe your most important asset is you, because you alone have the ability to generate an income which in turn will provide you and your family a lifestyle.

Should your health fail you and you cannot continue to work and earn an income in order to pay the bills, then this lifestyle may be jeopardised and your future plans & goals may be in total disarray.

Not only does this apply to getting sick or suffering an injury but also to be permanently disabled or passing away. So the question is, do you have a Plan B?

Unless you have a rich uncle and/or win Gold Lotto, the cheapest way to fund Plan B is to have adequate personal insurance cover.

Personal Insurance covers more than what you would traditionally think, so click here to find out what coverage you take out to protect your most important assets... learn more ยป

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