If your business partner died suddenly, would your business have to close?

Have you ever considered this question, and its consequences before?
Probably not. But you should, along with some others;
Have you planned to help out your business partner if you die suddenly? How will your family manage running a business when they have never run one before? How will your current insurances respond? Have you left your family worse off?

Food for thought? Would you like a no obligation discussion of the risks your business faces when a serious injury, illness or even death hits the key people in your business... read on »

At FutureSure we specialise in Risk Management & Estate Planning. It is our business to understand all of the likely risks and scenarios you might have to face in your personal life and for the life of your business, and to ensure that you and your loved ones have the appropriate protections in place.

If someone could give you the gift of Hindsight...
...Would you take it?

How many times in life do you wish you had the advantage of hindsight?
Would you place a bet with 2:1 odds?

At FutureSure, we give you the advantage of Foresight, so you don't wish later on you had the advantage of Hindsight. We help provide the lifeboat for those times in life when the ship is sinking. To put that into perspective, think about the great, unsinkable RMS Titanic... read on »

5 Key Reasons
...you should choose FutureSure

We make 1 key assumption... right from the beginning

With the statistics of injury and incident rate in Australia alarming, we assume that every new client will have to claim at some point in the future... see why »

We only deal with insurer's who we trust

And we only deal with insurer's who will medically underwrite clients... learn why that is so important »

We work for you...
only you

We work to achieve the best outcome for you in all possible situations. You are our client, not any one insurance company. understand how »

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